City of Monroe

The City of Monroe is a small town in South-East Benton County. The city formed around a small sawmill established by Joseph White in 1852. By 1853, there was a small settlement known as White's Mill. Around the same time, Roland Hinton, from the nearby Belknap Settlement, formed the town of Starr Point North of White's Mill. In 1857, Starr Point combined with White's Mill to form the town of Monroe. Monroe quickly became a center for paddle boat traffic. At one point, Monroe had 5 gas stations, 4 grocers, 3 automobile dealers, a pool hall, a hotel, and several restaurants. It was one of the largest cities in the state for many years. Monroe High School was built in the 1920's and expanded in the 1950's. Since the construction of I-5, Monroe has turned into a rural farming community. Many residents still commute to work. It is still home of the historic Hull Oaks Lumber Mill; the only steam-powered sawmill operating in the U.S. The region is now well-known for its wine and Christmas trees. Learn more about the city of Monroe:

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