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Success Stories

Oregon State University Wins Grant for Textile Manufacturing Innovation

The Walmart Foundation and the U.S. Conference of Mayors today announced Oregon State University as one of this year’s U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund grant recipients for the school’s innovation in improving textile weaving efficiency. Oregon…

Inpria Named a Finalist for OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards

Inpria Named a Finalist for OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards

The Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) is pleased to announce 12 finalists—from a record number of 67 nominees—for the 2014 OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards. The OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards honors the skill, and the…

Inpria raises another $1.5 million from OAF

Inpria raises another $1.5 million from OAF

Inpria, one of the first of now 40 ONAMI Gap Fund startup companies, has just announced that it's raised $1.45 million from the Oregon Angel Fund. OAF is a collection of local investors backing early-stage…

Entreprenuer Profiles

The 8 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs

Article by Ben Johnson via Fundera Ledger Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs. What do these three entrepreneurs have in common? They all started their business before the age of 25! There’s never been a…

OSU Professor Develops Drug to Treat Ebola

OSU Professor Develops Drug to Treat Ebola

A drug developed by an Oregon State University scientist may be used to treat patients infected with the Ebola virus. The drug, manufactured by Sarepta Therapeutics in Cambridge, Mass., had promising results in clinical trials…

Building Permits Corvallis

Innovation in Service - Smoothing the Development Process with Better Building Permits Processing

Create the right business space, with less stress, no hassles.
      • Timeliness and Predictability -

        • We understand time is money
      • Service Oriented -

        • Working collaboratively to find a clear  path to project approval
      • Early Consultation –

        • Catch issues before they happen with Free Pre-permitting & Free Pre-construction consultation
      • Getting it done-

        • Problem Solving meetings
      • Innovation for “real time” business.

        • Real time- Over the counter reviews, 24/7 online permitting and tracking, and same-day inspection

Corvallis Permitting and Inspection - Focus on Success

Four innovative initiatives are transforming the way permitting and  building gets done in Corvallis. “Our goal is to have 60% of  project plans be approved in 24 hours”  -Ken Gibb

  Planning for Success- Streamlining the Process

  • All projects get either a permit or a comprehensive “plan review letter” with everything needed to move forward.
  • Done in conjunction with a “resubmittal success meeting” 1:1 conversation with the goal of ensuring approval upon first resubmission.
  • Free pre-construction meetings after permitting
  • Project introduction meetings every Tuesday afternoon –call and make an appointment for an early, no charge, no commitment, conversation.   Come with an idea. Explore the options.   Create a plan forward.

E-Permits and Corvallis building permit tracking.

Web based permitting portal for projects that don’t need a plan review link to  Corvallis E- permits
  • For the majority of plumbing, mechanical and electrical trade permit.
  • Don’t have to drive down to city hall. Submit on your own schedule, 24/7.
  • Online permit tracking.  Know in an instant where your permit is with online look-up

 NEW (July 15, 2013) Field Inspection tools keep projects moving.

Information, decisions, and approvals on-site,  real time.
  • Inspectors with Ipads in the field.    Wifi  4G wireless.
  • Integrated permit tracking.
  • Inspectors can upload photos, confer with counterparts, check codes real time online.

E-Plan Review - Coming in 2014

  • Submit plans electronically
  • Benefit from collaborative on-line consultation between your design professional  and city staff
For more information on Land Use and code in Corvallis and Benton County