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 Benton County Strengths are in:

  • Sustainable Building Supplies
  • Clean & Renewable Energy
  • Alternative Fuels

Corvallis- Benton County Businesses in Energy/Clean Tech

SunGrant Center

OSU is a Western Regional center for the US SunGrant Program, focused on Biobased products that hold great promise for renewable energy and biobased, non-food industries.  The Sun Grant Initiative is a national program established to create new solutions for America’s needs and to revitalize rural communities by working with land-grant universities and their federal and state laboratory partners on research, education and extension programs.

Sun Grant Initiative Programs

Competitive Grants

    • One of the functions of Sun Grant is to provide competitive grants to researchers engaged in developing alternative energies and bioproducts.

Industrial Ecology

    • Cradle to Grave Analysis of Agricultural Biofuels and Bioproducts Systems

Sustainable Technologies Laboratory

    • Information about OSU’s Sustainable Technologies lab, including links to the lab website and an educational presentation on biofuels.

Algae Institute

    • Western Region and its partners are working together to develop the Western States Algae Biotechnology and Biofuels Institute.

Agricultural Energy Audits

    • Rural Energy Audits by the OSU Energy Efficiency Center characterized agricultural energy uses and developed calculations and processes to conduct energy assessments at seven OSU facilities.

Farm to Fly

    • Sustainable Aviation Biofuels from U.S. Agriculture.

Research Priorities

    • Western region research program areas include: feedstock enhancement and development, biomass conversion and biofueul/bioenergy processing and bioproducts.

Pacific Island Sub-center

  • With more than 90 percent of Hawaii’s energy needs dependent on imported fossil fuels, we are particularly vulnerable to supply shortages.