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Corvallis Businesses in Food, Water and the Environment

Our local businesses combine the best of what we can grow or harvest with outstanding technology and processing.

The strongest Food, Water and Environment Sectors in Corvallis-Benton County are:

  • Food Processing
  • Forest Products
  • Vintners, Brewers and Distillers

Benton County Companies in Food, Water and Environment

Food Processing

Forest Productsforestsaycheese

  • Starker Forests
  • TTT
  • FIRP
  • Building Block Systems
  • Timberland Appraisal
  • Forest Informatics
  • Prolam inc
  • Adhesive Eval. Systems
  • Western Pulp Products
  • Evanite Fiber
  • Mater Engineering
  • Conservation biology Institute
  • Lucidyne Technologies, Inc.
  • Wood Castle
  • Shelterworks

Wineries, Brewers and Distillers

Belle Vallee Winery
Marks Ridge Winery
Benton-Lane Winery
Lumos Wine Company
Spindrift Cellars
Harris Bridge Vineyards
Emerson Vineyards
Pheasant Court Winery
Tyee Wine Cellars
Broadley Vineyard
Cardwell Hill Cellars
Springhill Cellars
720 Cellars
Pioneer Hopyard Vineyard
Cardwell Hill Cellars
Pheasant Court Winery
Benton-Lane Winery
Airlie Winery
Nuthatch Cellars
Ti Bre
Brigadoon Wine Co.
Marks Ridge Winery

Sweet Earth



  • Vivacity Spirits
  • 4 Spirits
  • Spiritopia


  • Venell Farms
  • Stahlbush Farms
  • Farmland LP
  • Earth Fortification Supplies
  • Oregon Soil Corp
  • Sunset Valley Organics
  • Precision Plant Systems



Additional Resources and Research and Training Centers include: