Corvallis Oregon Location and Corvallis Maps



Benton County and Corvallis are located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, with the Willamette River bordering the community. Corvallis offers direct travel to all areas of the state with I-5 several miles east of  the city and the east/west State Highways 34 an integral part of the traffic pattern. The City of Portland, the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean are all within an hour and a half driving time, putting Benton County in an excellent position for economic and recreational opportunities. For Transportation Information

Corvallis Enterprise Zone Maps

EnterpriseZone-Map-All EnterpriseZone-Map-BentonCorvallis EnterpriseZone-Map-HP EnterpriseZone-Map-Sunset

Corvallis Enterprise Zone Detail Maps

Download PDF  BentonCounty- Summary Enterprise Zone-Map Download PDF BentonCounty- Detail EnterpriseZone-Sunset Research Park Download PDF BentonCounty - Detail Hewlett Packard Enterprise Zone Download PDF BentonCounty - Detail Benton Corvallis -Airport Industrial Park Enterprise zone

Corvallis-Benton County Maps

Benton County has an excellent ONLINE GIS SERVICE for local Maps Corvallis Zoning Map: Downloadable Map Philomath Commercial Zones online maps: Philomath Solutions Site