Meet Teri Fiez –

Bridging academic knowledge with real world technology innovation comes naturally for pioneer, Terri Fiez. Under Terri’s leadership as head of Oregon State University’s School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, research productivity and Ph.D. student numbers have grown more than 3 times in the past 10 years. With over 20 years of experience as a technology innovator it was a challenging, but natural step from the world of academics to entrepreneurship for Terri.  Terri helped build the technology licensing model for OSU, and pioneered start-up leave for academics at OSU.

In 2009, Terri co-founded Azuray Technologies, an alternative energy company that developed a new, more efficient way of converting the direct current produced by a solar panel system to the alternating current that’s standard in American homes and businesses. Terri served as the founding CEO and then on the Board of Director’s of Azuray Technologies.

Terri’s real world experiences in business helps her shape the vision of her school and contribute to the universities’ mission to meet the workforce demands for today and for the future.