Benton County, in the early stages of developing the 2040 Thriving Communities Initiative, will facilitate a meeting of the 2040 Thriving Communities Council.


On March 1, the County Board of Commissioners signed a resolution establishing the Benton County 2040 Thriving Communities Initiative. The 2040 Initiative will be a community-driven process to address long-term, complex issues.

Guiding the process will be the recently formed 2040 Thriving Communities Council, which is composed of local leaders from a variety of organizations addressing a range of community issues. Council members began meeting in May.

The Council meeting will be Thursday, August 4, 2016, from 6:00 – 8:00pm. The location is the Benton County Sunset Facility, located at 4077 SW Research Way in Corvallis.

The purpose of the meeting will be to explore public engagement opportunities and establish a framework to move forward. Interested citizens are encouraged to attend the meeting and learn more about the 2040 Initiative. For more information, contact Sean McGuire at