Starting today, Benton County residents have an opportunity to complete an online survey about a pathway between North Albany and Corvallis.

The online survey follows telephone polling conducted last week among Corvallis and North Albany area residents. The online survey, which went live today, is scheduled to last until Dec. 7. The online version is being distributed in both English and Spanish. To complete the online survey, those interested can CLICK HERE…

Benton County is asking for public opinion and input on a possible multi-modal pathway within Benton County to connect North Albany and Corvallis. After the county’s plan for a pathway was turned away by the Benton County Planning Commission earlier this year, the county initiated a new process for attempting to address safety concerns, traffic congestion and other factors having to do with traffic along Highway 20 between the two communities.

An outside consultant is being considered to evaluate all the alternative routes through that corridor. Those possibilities will be reviewed in a thorough public process with ample opportunity for public input.

But first, the county is doing research to find out in a more scientific way how many people might be inclined to use a multi-modal pathway between the two communities. This will begin with a survey of residents in both communities.

Once that work is complete and the results tallied and analyzed, the county will consider beginning the public process relative to possible routes for the pathway. If the county moves forward, that process likely would begin next fall.