Approximately 300 volunteers are needed to help with the 6th annual Benton County High School Career Convention on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 from 9:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. The Career Convention brings together the more than 800 high school juniors from across Benton County to work on career exploration. We cannot put on this event without you! To volunteer, please register at by clicking on the “volunteers” tab and selecting the area in which you wish to volunteer. If you need assistance, please contact Donna Keim, Convention Chair, at or 541.740.1309


  • Business Booth Engagement – Sponsor a booth to help pay for the convention and sponsor 7-150 students. It costs approximately $10 per student for the day. And we need your business expertise to help answer students’ questions about careers and expectations.
  • EXPO Social Networking – Help sponsor 2.5 students while sitting with them one-on-one and talking about the world of texting, Facebook, Twitter, and old-fashioned social networking conversations. Students DESPERATELY need to learn to initiate in person social interaction and they do not know how! You can help them tremendously!
  • Career Speakers – Give a 5-7 minute verbal presentation as part of a career panel that gives a snapshot of a career you are representing. You can be retired from that career and be just as impactful. Typically, volunteers give 1-2 presentations back-to-back in the 30 minute sessions. Minimum time would be 30 minutes to 1 hour commitment.
  • Mock Interviews – Help students practice interviewing, go over their resumes and give them constuctive feedback. This is students’ and community members’ favorite part of the Career Convention!
  • Basic Volunteer to Run the Day – Help behind the scenes to make this convention work smoothly. Give us the entire day (Donna’s top choice) as career speaker, mock interviewer and EXPO/booth helper. Or give us part of the day and pick one area to help us out.

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