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Targeted Business Sectors

Benton County has an abundance of talent and natural resources that drive our business sector strengths.  Explore our business sectors to get a feel for the wide variety of the businesses in Benton County.  Explore our business sectors to get a feel for the wide variety of the businesses in Benton County.

Our targeted business sectors are: Energy and Clean Tech, Food Water and Environment, Advanced Manufacturing, Innovative Materials, Healthcare, and Professional and Creative Industries.

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Basset Studios

Work Phone: (541) 609-0503 Website:

Benton Lane Winery

Work 23924 Territorial Rd, Monroe, OR 97456 Work Phone: (541) 847-5792 Website:

Big River Grains

Work 33898 SE Eastgate Circle Corvallis OR 97333 Work Phone: 702-581-4511 Website:


Work 2851 NW 9th Suite D Corvallis OR 97330

Biort Technologies

Work 3625 NW Deer Run St Corvallis OR 97330 Work Phone: 541-359-2302 Website:

Block 15 Brewery

Work 300 SW Jefferson Ave Work 3415 SW Deschutes St Work Phone: (541) 758-2077 Work Phone: (541) 752-2337

Blue Alder Research

Work Phone: 541-207-6502 Website:

Boost Brand Solutions

Work Phone: 541-602-5670 Website:

Brigadoon Wine Company

Work 25167 Ferguson Rd, Junction City, OR 97448 Work Phone: (541) 998-2600 Website:

Broadley Vineyard

Work 9609, 265 S 5th St, Monroe, OR 97456 Work Phone: (541) 847-5934 Website:
Hazelnuts: The Oregon Nut

Hazelnuts: The Oregon Nut

Do you ever ask yourself, "What's up with all the hazelnuts in the Willamette Valley?"  Did you know that Oregon's official nut translates into a total economic impact of more than $150 million in the last 5 years in our state. Read more HERE    

Sorte takes on new job in hometown

Sorte takes on new job in hometown

A key role for Sorte will be to work on retention and expansion for city and county businesses.“There is an opportunity to be a problem-solver here,” he said. “Pulling together the resources of the city and the community and making the community thrive.”Read more...

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Corvallis Benton Country has been receiving accolades about our technology innovation and quality of life.  Visit our blog to learn more about our amazing community.

Contact our Economic Development Team if you have any questions about business development in our region:

Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

Economic Development Manager.