I-5 Freeway: The primary north-south route runs 10 miles due east of Corvallis. US Highway 99 bisects Corvallis, running through Monroe, Corvallis and Adair Village. Oregon Highway 20 and 34 east-west routes connect the Willamette Valley to the Pacific Ocean and Central Oregon, through Philomath to the west.

Air Transportation

Corvallis is centrally located and easily accessible by major airports.Infographic-DistanceToAirports

Corvallis Municipal Airport accommodates general aviation and corporate aircraft.  The main runway is 5900′x 150′.

Portland International Airport is only 90 minutes away, an easy drive up interstate 5.

The Eugene Airport is only 45 minutes to the south.

Rail Transportation

Passenger Rail

Albany, Oregon is a short 15 minute drive and a connecting station for Amtrak Rail. Travel to Portland by rail is a short 2-hour trip and Seattle is only 4 hours.


Rail freight service going east is operated by Burlington Northern, southerly service is Southern Pacific, west and north is operated by The Willamette and Pacific Railroad.

Amtrak and the Talgo trains between Vancouver BC and Los Angeles provide passenger service in Albany, 20 miles away.  The Port of Portland container facility is 93 miles away

Commuting Information


Corvallis prides itself in having a vibrant and innovative business community that balances a healthy and active lifestyle. The City of Corvallis has invested in developing and maintaining high-quality bike paths that enable commuting by bicycle.

More than 10% of people are able to walk to work in Corvallis, the second highest rate of all U.S. metropolitan areas as of 2010, and the city had the highest proportion of commuters traveling by bike in 2009 at 9.3%.

The average commuting time by car is 21 minutes in Corvallis as opposed to 35 minutes in San Francisco.

Public Transit

The City of Corvallis provides a fareless transit system for its citizens. The Corvallis Transit System provides 12 routes from 7 am to 8 pm for free. When Oregon State University is in session, the Beaver Bus provides an additional 3 routes and extended hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Connecting bus routes like the Linn-Benton Loop offers busing services in the Corvallis/Philomath area for a small fee. 24-hour taxi services are available and Dial-a-ride is provided for seniors and the disabled.

Mobile Workforce

Corvallis also has very active commuting patterns between counties. There is a wealth of diverse knowledge and skills in the commuting region.


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