Building a Sustainable Community

As a Region, Corvallis and Benton county have demonstrated their commitment to Sustainability.  With our rich resources, Agriculture, Land, Water, Environmentally Trained Workforce, and Educational Institutions, we are able to draw on local, National, and International talent to drive environmentally informed business progress in the region.

Benton County – Sustainability

Benton County has a website dedicated to sustainability programs

City of Corvallis -Sustainability Goals


Best Agricultural Business Photo: Sarah Page Photography “Romano Beans at Saturday Market”

In response to voter demand, in 2005, the Corvallis City Council adopted a specific goal to enhance organizational sustainability efforts.

Definition:  In a sustainable society, economic objectives, environmental issues, and social justice join together to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Corvallis Actions:

  • endorsing a thriving farmers’ market community,
  • new zoning laws to allow for market gardens to exist within residential neighborhoods
  • single use plastic bag ordinance
  • Solar electricity on city buildings

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is a network of organizations and individual volunteers in Corvallis, Oregon, who are working together to create a sustainable community.  It includes businesses, non-profits, faith communities, educational institutions, and government entities that are committed to creating a community that values environmental quality, social equity, and economic vitality.  Our primary purpose is to foster communication and collaboration so that we can accelerate progress toward a sustainable future.

Participation in the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is open to local organizations and individuals who support its vision, mission, goals, and guiding objectives. There is no fee for participation.

Local Food

The Benton County region is a premier area for profitable local food production and sales.  With a plethora of local markets and distributors, and with access to a world class agricultural extension research institution, the county offers many opportunities for any scale of farm related businesses

Oregon State University Extension Service

Benton County