Building Permits Corvallis

Innovation in Service – Smoothing the Development Process with Better Building Permits Processing

Create the right business space, with less stress, no hassles.

      • Timeliness and Predictability –

        • We understand time is money
      • Service Oriented –

        • Working collaboratively to find a clear  path to project approval
      • Early Consultation –

        • Catch issues before they happen with Free Pre-permitting & Free Pre-construction consultation
      • Getting it done-

        • Problem Solving meetings
      • Innovation for “real time” business.

        • Real time- Over the counter reviews, 24/7 online permitting and tracking, and same-day inspection

Corvallis Permitting and Inspection – Focus on Success

Four innovative initiatives are transforming the way permitting and  building gets done in Corvallis.

“Our goal is to have 60% of  project plans be approved in 24 hours”  -Ken Gibb

  Planning for Success- Streamlining the Process

  • All projects get either a permit or a comprehensive “plan review letter” with everything needed to move forward.
  • Done in conjunction with a “resubmittal success meeting” 1:1 conversation with the goal of ensuring approval upon first resubmission.
  • Free pre-construction meetings after permitting
  • Project introduction meetings every Tuesday afternoon –call and make an appointment for an early, no charge, no commitment, conversation.   Come with an idea. Explore the options.   Create a plan forward.

E-Permits and Corvallis building permit tracking.

Web based permitting portal for projects that don’t need a plan review link to  Corvallis E- permits

  • For the majority of plumbing, mechanical and electrical trade permit.
  • Don’t have to drive down to city hall. Submit on your own schedule, 24/7.
  • Online permit tracking.  Know in an instant where your permit is with online look-up

 NEW (July 15, 2013) Field Inspection tools keep projects moving.

Information, decisions, and approvals on-site,  real time.

  • Inspectors with Ipads in the field.    Wifi  4G wireless.
  • Integrated permit tracking.
  • Inspectors can upload photos, confer with counterparts, check codes real time online.

E-Plan Review – Coming in 2014

  • Submit plans electronically
  • Benefit from collaborative on-line consultation between your design professional  and city staff

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