The Five Most Beautiful College Towns In America
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College years are some of the most memorable experiences in a person’s life. The whole memory can be bad, good, and wild–and guess what, studying in a fantastic university set in a friendly and accommodating college town can tip the scales into an unforgettable college experience you’ll surely cherish all your life.

Choosing where to go to college is a major step, and the options are diverse in the US. But when considering the university you’ll spend the next 4 years in, you should also take into account the town it inhabits, and it must be a good one. Here are some of the best college towns in the US:

Corvallis, OR. The Oregon State University lies in Corvallis, and it could not have chosen a better town to build its walls. Corvallis boasts as one of the smartest towns in the US, where people are healthy, quality of living is superb, and abundant in parks. The OSU is also deemed as a very good college institution in the US.

San Luis Obispo, CA. Home to the California Polytechnic State University, this Californian college town is sure to make any student’s life at ease. It isn’t as crowded as the main cities in Cali, and the amount of activities and excursions in St. Louis are enough to make any student stay after college. Favorite activities here include hiking the Bishop Peak, and watching movies at the Sunset Drive-In Theater.

Ames, IA. This college town is where the Iowa State University nestles, America’s first land-grant institution. This may be a small town, but its overall standards of living beat even those other bigger cities. The whole town’s nightlife is teeming with good vibes, and employment opportunities never seem to run out. You’ll have everything you need here in Ames, and after 4 years you might even consider moving here permanently.

Boulder, CO. If you’re an individual who loves outdoor activities and keeping in shape, then Boulder in Colorado is the perfect town for you. Boulder is home to the University of Colorado, and students find no reason to dislike this place. Spend your free hours’ mountain climbing, bike riding and exploring the nearby mountain trails. At night, join your friends for a casual night out at Pearl Street Mall.

Bloomington, IN. Indiana University is hailed as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country, and being in Bloomington makes absolutely perfect sense. This town may be small, but all residents are contented. Different types of establishments are scattered all over this town, designed quaintly as if you’re somewhere rural and far-fetched. Because of its good reputation, Bloomington was included by Entrepreneur magazine’s 50 “Hottest Small Cities for Entrepreneurs”.

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