A crowd of over 100 people packed the Corvallis Sports Park on Tuesday night to participate in a game-show- like entrepreneurial competition.

Eight innovators, the “shark bait,” pitched their ideas for five minutes each, then received feedback from three “sharks”: Mark Lieberman and John Turner of the OSU Advantage Accelerator and David Schroeder of RelianceCM. At stake for the winner was two months worth of participation in the OSU Advantage Accelerator, a recently formed program to help start-ups start up.

Ultimately, two winners were declared and two more entrepreneurs earned runner-up status. Oil Ex Tech, a company that is working to extract essential oils using microwaves, and Cart and Tools, a high-tech manufacturer of battery-operated tools for small-market farmers, tied for the top spot.

“We’re excited to get a chance with the accelerator,” said Brad Attig, sales and marketing manager for Cart and Tools. “They are a tremendous resource, so good for our global economy and local entrepreneurial spirit. We’re looking forward to learning from them.” “We know how to make products,” said Bill Dean, managing director of Oil Ex Tech. “What we are really looking for is work with mentors at the accelerator on developing our business structure.” Dean also noted the “hallway alchemy” that can ensue when you are working with other innovators. To read the entire article, click here
52d61b3f31ac8.preview-620Article Written by: John Day, Gazette Times