The Grow Oregon program has helped businesses generate $47 million in direct economicgrow oregon logo
impacts. ‘Direct economic impact’ is the sum of capital acquired, increases in annual sales, and
payroll for new jobs created.

Grow Oregon is an economic gardening program run by the Oregon Small Business
Development Center Network (OSBDCN) with funding from the Oregon Business Development
Department (OBDD).

Economic gardening is an economic development approach that provides intensive
management consulting resources, access to customized market research, and website SEO
guidance to Oregon businesses that are poised for growth. Grow Oregon focuses on traded
sector growth companies that already have at least $1 million in annual sales and 10 or more


OSBDCN has four regional Grow Oregon teams, based in Portland, Albany, Bend, and Grants
Pass. Each team is comprised of business advisors with deep experience in starting and growing
their own companies, plus executive-level experience in larger enterprises.
Started in mid-2011, Grow Oregon has worked with 50 businesses located throughout Oregon.
Significant growth has been seen in the manufacturing, high tech, lumber products, and
beer/wine/cider markets.

“We measure our results by customer feedback,” says Marc Manley, Field Leader for Grow
Oregon. “Customers tell us our interactions with them resulted in getting capital, increasing
revenues, and creating jobs. This program has been especially effective for businesses with
between $2 and $10 million annual sales. We have room in the program to work with several
more businesses.”

For more information, contact Marc Manley at