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Community Corvallis  Business Calendar

This calendar is for Business Events in Benton County or for Benton County Businesses. It is moderated. All suggestions for events and calendar feeds will be reviewed and approved within 72 hours. If you have questions about your event, please contact us.
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This is a Curated Calendar for Businesses

It accepts both individual posts, and subscribed feeds. Contact Amy to suggest a calendar feed (must be an ICS feed)

You can suggest an Event or Calendar feed on the bar above the Calendar.

For maximim visibility for your Event posts:

  • Be sure to include the date, location and cost (or free)
  • Include a poster or image
  • Write a compelling summary.

Choose Calendars using the Tag drop down menu to see events by organizer:

  • WIN Calendar
  • WAC Calendar
  • LBCC -SBDC Calendar
  • Corvallis Chamber
  • OSU school of business public calendar