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Businesses – Photo Credits

The Gazette Times

  • Gazette Times, Ryan Gardner, “Great Divide”
  • Gazette Times, Scobel Wiggins, “Building a competitive edge”
  • Gazette Times, Andy Cripe, “The next big thing”
  • Gazette Times, “Business Tour-High Tech”
  • Gazette Times, Andy Cripe, “Cold Storage”
  • Gazette Times, Scobel Wiggins, “Tribal Money Fuels Perpetua”

Lainey Dyer Photography

Oregon State University Marketing


Silverman Studios

“Say Cheese, Benton County!” Photo Contest Photographers

In June 2013, a crowdsourced photo contest was held to help integrate photography from local individuals into the Economic Development website. The following individuals were winners in the contest. We are thankful to all who participated and shared their time and talent with us.

  • Bob Boss, “Philomath Winter’s Day”
  • Sydney Boyce, “Soaking in the Willamette”
  • Kirstie Ferguson, “Campus”
  • Greta Hastings, “Mary’s Peak”
  • Sydney Johnson, “Philomath Rodeo 2011”
  • Rick Kleinosky, “Downtown Hi-Rise”
  • Jack Larson, “Fog in the McDonald Forest”
  • Ben McReynolds, “EE Wilson-Adair Village”
  • Sarah Page Photography, “Romano Beans at the Saturday Market”
  • Poage Photography, “Dance to the Arts”
  • Kathleen Rochester, “Woodland Meadow Park”
  • Neill Thornton, “Nanoscience at ONAMI”
  • Gary Thurman, “Alsea Falls” and “Spring Courthouse”
  • Marvel Vigil, “Daffy Times”

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