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Corvallis, Benton County OR Site Selection Data

Corvallis & Benton County are great places to locate your business. The surrounding five-county Willamette valley region offers many qualities key to economic success, including: a solid, hard-working and educated workforce; available commercial real estate in a variety of specifications and locations; lower costs and available incentives for business; and a business friendly environment, with a remarkable quality of life.  contact us.

What’s your Criteria for Relocation?

Relocating to Corvallis Business Guide Take a look at the data we’ve assembled in this section. For customized information, site lists or reports on any topic in any degree of detail, simply.   Download a PDF Relocation Packet

Available Benton County Sites & Buildings

New or existing, office, industrial, manufacturing or mixed use — find just what you’re looking for with Benton County property that fits your unique specifications.  More>>


Review strategic transportation routes, along with maps of Corvallis’ and Benton County’s commercial real estate  More>>


Age, income, race/ethnicity and education — explore Corvallis demographics in detail and discover how we can meet your needs.  More>>


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Young, vibrant, highly trained, professional and smart — benefit from ongoing growth with Benton County and the surrounding area’s highly educated workforce.  More>>


In Benton County and surrounding area, educational opportunities abound with strong public school districts, private and parochial schools, and nationally noted colleges and universities.  More>>


In Benton County, you’ll find electrical and natural gas rates below the national average, along with an abundant high-quality water supply.  More>>


Location is everything, making it easy and cost-effective to get people and products where they need to be. Find out how Corvalli’s transportation infrastructure helps make it happen.  More>>


Oregon’s tax infrastructure allows us to promote a great pro-business climate.  More>>

Incentives & Training

Take advantage of a variety of incentives that reduce or eliminate taxes, support training and provide financial assistance to businesses.  More>>

Quality of Life

All the cultural advantages of a modern metropolitan area, without the high cost of living, high crime rate, pollution or traffic congestion. More>>

Oregon State University

With a top tier Engineering School, world class research in a range of disciplines, and a commitment to new business incubation and commercialization, Oregon State Anchors many of the regions critical strengths.  More>>

Employers by Business Sector

High Tech,  healthcare, financial services, research, education, government, manufacturing and retail — Greater Corvallis is home to a diverse range of industries.  More>>