Siga Technology sigalogois a Corvallis based pharmaceutical company, with headquarters in New York,  specializing in the development of pharmaceutical solutions for some of the most lethal pathogens – variola (smallpox), Ebola, dengue, Lassa fever and other dangerous viruses.

Siga’s lead product candidate, Arestvyr* (USAN tecovirimat; aka ST-246®) is a drug under development for the treatment of smallpox – one of the deadliest diseases that mankind has ever faced and a formidable bioterrorism and biowarfare threat.

SIGA has entered into a contract, in excess of $400 million, with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) for the delivery of 2 million courses of Arestvyr to the Strategic National Stockpile. Siga Qualifies for SmallPox Vaccine Payments

The beauty of the area and its proximity to Oregon State University make Corvallis a highly desirable working and living environment for SIGA’s growing team of scientists, technicians, and professionals.

SIGA’s laboratories are located in Corvallis, Oregon. They include 33,000 square feet of fully-equipped office and laboratory space, with ready access to animal facilities, library, electron microscopy, mass spectroscopy, DNA sequencing, and microarray analysis. The laboratory is BSL2-compliant, with fully-functional molecular biology, bacteriology, immunology, virology, and analytical capabilities.