Finance Your Start-Up

Corvallis Business Funding Resources.  According to the Kauffmann Foundation, the average cost of starting a new business comes in at just over $30,000.  The SBDC has a good summary of options here. But if you’re beyond self-funding and need help, there are many options:

Start-Up Capital

Angel Investing

Find an independent investor who can help finance your early growth, with an expectation of a high return on investment, and an “exit” after 3-7 years.  The definitive guide to Angel Investing in Oregon.   

  • WAC –  Willamette Angel Conference is an annual Conference and training program matching start-ups with investors, and providing business plan support, pitch support and mentoring.
  • Angel Oregon  Link with Angel investors focused on Oregon based start-ups 
  • OEN –Oregon Entrepreneur Network
  • Portland Venture Group – Seeks to fund start-up and early stage business ventures in the greater Portland and Vancouver, WA areas – Click here to learn more

University Venture Development Funds

Kick Start it with Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, raising money by selling product, services  to friends, family and beyond is growing in popularity.  These are tricky to do well, and it is wise to do your research and be well prepared to share video and “incentives”.   There are thousands of articles, here’s a moderated selection of some helpful ones.

Crowdinvesting – using an online source to match QUALIFIED angel investors with start ups.
for an overview of crowdinvesting

Commercial Venture Capital

Usually, the most difficult to find source of financing is venture capital

Venture capitalists have exacting standards for choosing an investment and often require some management and ownership control in the business. A good primer can be found on the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Web site.

SBA Venture Capital Web Site

  Other Venture Capital Sources

There are several venture capital networks that seek to connect investors with entrepreneurs. One of these is the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN), which sponsors an annual “Angel Oregon” competition. Their Web site has links to a number of venture capital firms.  OEN

Get A Grant

If you’ve got technology, there may be a grant for you:

  • Oregon BEST  Oregon BEST (Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center)  Offers Commercialization Grants
  • Oregon Financing:  Oregon has a number of programs for different types of businesses More>>
  • Oregon Credit Enhancement Fund: The Oregon Credit Enhancement Fund is an important loan insurance tool that lenders can use to help businesses needing extra security to obtain financing.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

Under the SBIR programs, 11 Federal agencies (including USDA) award research and development funds to small businesses via a highly competitive, targeted process. The SBIR program is designed to stimulate technological innovation and provide opportunities for small business. -or-

Get a Loan

Bank Loans can be hard to get for start-ups, as they usually require either strong cash flow, or captial assets as collateral.  Some other options include:

Consider a micro-loan


Rural Resources


Rural Grants

  • USDA Rural  Development Grants  Operated by USDA Rural Development Program assistance is provided in many ways, including direct or guaranteed loans, grants, technical assistance, research and educational materials.