Sell Something Now!

A start up is should drive to rapid first revenue.  Reaching that first, or 100th, sale should always be on your mind.

Local & Government Sales

Local sales are a great way to start.  The City of Corvallis, the Corvallis Chamber, CIBA, the Sustainability Network and the 10 Rivers Food Web all support and encourage buying locally.  In addition to the general resources above,  consider some state resources:

  • ORPIN – is the State procurement database, with a list of contracts.
  • GCAP, Government Contract Assistance Program,   Oregon’s link to a $250 billion market. Every year the Federal Government purchases billions of dollars worth of products and services ranging from nuts and bolts to computer systems, and from planting trees to guarding facilities.

Generate Sales leads:

  • Identify and prioritize sales leads and business opportunities.
  • Sources for contacts in companies:
  • Using social media to connect with customers and create buzz about products or services.
  • SBDC Market reports

General Marketing:

Online Marketing :

Lean Start Up Approach

Reduce risk, get continuous customer feedback, and earlier revenue. Consider using the lean startup approach emphasizing learning over planning.

Other Assistance:

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