VDOS Global LLC, the nations’s first commercial supplier of unmanned operations and services for the industrial, energy, and environmental sectors authorized by the FAA for both on and off shore commercial operations, is excited to announce that Al Spain will be joining the advisory board. Mr. Spain was a co-founder of Jet Blue and served most recently as the Senior Vice

VDOSPresident of Operations for the Airline. He brings over 50 years of aviation operations and corporate knowledge that will help VDOS Global grow and expand in the commercial drone market. “We are incredibly excited and grateful to have Mr. Spain as a part of the VDOS Global team and look forward to his wisdom and support as we scale and grow into the opportunities ahead,” said Brian Whiteside, the President and Founder of VDOS Global LLC. “I have tremendous respect for Al’s military service and his aviation background. There are very few people in the world who have his depth and knowledge.”

Mr. Spain is a dedicated professional with a proven track record of moving companies forward and tackling the challenges of aviation operations and regulatory approvals. “I consider it an honor and privilege to join the Advisory Board of VDOS Global as we position the company in a rapidly expanding market with increasing demand for our services. I am particularly proud of the company as it continues to maintain its leadership role in the growing world of Unmanned Aerial Systems and the incredible amount of data that we will be able to provide our customers,” stated Mr. Spain.

Mr. Spain has been an aviation pioneer in bringing new business models and operational
constructs to market that are critical in establishing the future market of unmanned and airborne
More VDOS Global LLC www.vdosglobal.us June 3, 2015 robotic systems. He was one of the early pioneers in applying unmanned systems when he was involved in the Army’s USD-1 program, flying and testing these aircraft. Mr. Spain holds
several degrees and is a member of several aviation and corporate boards focused on economic development and aviation industries.545c3c6c0776a.image

VDOS Global is currently supporting operations across the United States for both on and off shore clients. The company is based in Corvallis, Oregon with expansions in Louisiana, Texas, Mexico, and Brazil.

For further information or inquiries please contact:
Brian Whiteside