The Willamette Angels Conference is one of the largest angel groups in the state of Oregon. They increase the amount of seed capital and angel funds available in the Willamette Valley and across the state by connecting early-stage companies
with the capital they need to grow.

Last year investments totaling $1 million resulted from the Willamette Angel Conference.
Each year, one angel investor had been selected to manage the annual investment cycle. In order to improve angel investing in our area – and in keeping with best practices of other angel investment groups – the Willamette Angels have created a professional fund manager position. This will help to insure consistency and professionalism.

Richard Boyles, Chairman of Willamette Angels, reports that “With the able assistance of Jim Coonan of RAIN, we developed and adopted a job description for the Fund Manager position and developed a short list of prospective Fund Managers starting with our membership. We were fortunate to find a capable and enthusiastic prospect in Marc Manley.”

Marc Manley is an angel investor, business coach, and real estate developer. He is Executive Director of Grow Oregon, a statewide management consulting activity of the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network funded by the Oregon Business Development Department. Marc also is Director of the SBDC at Linn Benton College.

An Albany resident, Marc helped spearhead the revitalization of downtown Albany by renovating two historic buildings and helping Albany become a Performing City of the national Main Street Organization.< p>

Skip Rung, President of ONAMI and past manger of Willamette Angels said, “Marc was our due diligence machine for Willamette Angel Conference 2015, leading two teams and providing enormous analysis and management experience to both applicant companies and other due diligence team members. He has been very generous with his time, including forming and leading a sidecar investment LLC for a very promising runner-up company.”

“Marc has been very active in helping the local business community” noted Dan Whitaker, Chairman of the Regional Accelerator Innovation Network (RAIN). “He is a real asset to have involved. He knows how to get things done!”

The Willamette Angels Conference is an exciting component of the South Willamette’s startup ecosystem. Founded in 2009, the Willamette Angels Conference (WAC) is an investment conference, connecting early stage and seed startups with angel and venture investors. The WAC is a joint venture of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, Corvallis Benton County Economic Development Office, and Corvallis Chamber of Commerce designed to advance the entrepreneurial development movement within Oregon and the Willamette Valley.

Submitting a plan to the Willamette Angels Conference gives startups the opportunity for exposure to investors, fundraising experience, and of course, the chance for an investment.
Last year, Eugene-based Moonshadow Mobile, a data visualization and management firm, received more than $500,000 from Willamette Angels. “The money was helpful, but even more valuable was the advice, including from software entrepreneurs Marc Manley and Dan Whitaker,” said Moonshadow Mobile Chief Executive Eimar Boesjes.

This year’s conference will be in Eugene on May 12th. All are welcome to attend.
For more information contact Leigh Anne Hogue, Eugene Chamber of Commerce, 541-242-2359