OSU’s Venture Accelerator: A game changer for Willamette Valley entrepreneurs?

WIN Event Sept 10:  https://yescorvallis.org/ai1ec_event/osus-venture-accelerator-a-game-changer-for-willamette-valley-entrepreneurs/?instance_id=17
Join WIN for our 2013-2014 program year kick-off! Some good things are happening in the Corvallis area for entrepreneurs, and a major one is OSU’s new Venture Accelerator that aims to help area start-ups grow faster, better and stronger. Come hear all about it and help us welcome your friends in the Willamette Innovators Network back from the summer at our September Tech Pub.


Our Speakers

Oregon State University venture acceleratorMark Lieberman, co-director of the OSU Venture Accelerator Program, was previously Executive Director at the Business Technology Center of Los Angeles County (BTC), one of the largest technology incubators in the U.S. THE Magazine named Mark one of the 50 most Innovative Men for 2012.





Oregon State Venture Accelerator University entrepreneurs

John Turner, co-director of the OSU Venture Accelerator Program, is also a business professor at OSU and has over 30 years of professional experience in developing novel technologies and successfully moving them to market.