This summer, a record-breaking number of high school students completed Business Week, Investing Week or Entrepreneur Week at University of Portland, Oregon State University or University of Oregon. With the help of more than 40 advisors, 25 interns, 24 speakers and 100 judges, we were able to serve more than 400 students from across Oregon and beyond.


How do we define success? It isn’t necessarily in the numbers… What actually happens at YEBW?

Our young people explore business, investing and entrepreneurship.

Students discover new industries, career fields, colleges and potential majors. They make new friends—with their peers and mentors. They learn about teamwork and time management. They practice public speaking and real professional skills—from networking to etiquette to job interviews.


The real success is in what happens after YEBW… It’s in the experiences, connections and opportunities that impact us as we move forward.

An interesting response emerges from parents after YEBW: “What happened to my child?” Some say their daughters came home more focused or driven. Others say their sons seem more courageous, more charismatic. Or vice versa.

Something sparked. It’s like a different person…

Our business community volunteers—advisors, speakers and judges—thought they were involved to ‘teach,’ but instead, realized they were there to ‘learn.’ Young minds and new perspectives now shape the way they lead and approach their work. They return to their companies and careers with renewed enthusiasm, purpose and insight.

Going forward, our students and alumni apply what they learned at YEBW to their college studies and future careers…

They stay in touch with their network. They send thank you notes. They continue to listen and learn from others.

Alumni feel more comfortable and confident in business situations. They know how to act, dress and present themselves. When they reach that professional opportunity in life, it won’t be their first time… That’s the YEBW advantage.

And some even bring their business ideas to life. They start companies. They create jobs. They make an impact.

That is the ‘why’ in YEBW. Thank you again to those who carry forward their summer success.

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