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  • YesCorvallis Resources  – We set up a special page on our website to be the clearing-house of information for folks in Benton County. You are on this page!
  • Economic Development Recovery Team (EDRT) – Our office has been present and active at the local Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Recently, the EDRT was formed to plan, assist and aid the economy in recovery efforts. More information forthcoming.
  • Complete Benton County Business Guide – In partnership with Visit Corvallis, Downtown Corvallis Association (DCA), the Corvallis and Philomath Chambers of Commerce, Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, Corvallis Business Network, and the Business Association of Monroe, we created a form where Benton County businesses can update information related to their operating hours, offering pick-up/drop-off services, or closures. This information is then available to the public and flows up into a single live google spreadsheet where people can look up businesses to see what services are being offered. Find the complete guide above, under Supporting Local Business!
  • Benton County Rapid Response Form – A local rapid response form is now open and available for businesses to fill out. Filling out the form will help state and local officials determine need and assist in economic recovery efforts including possible loans and grants. Please help us by filling out the form here.
  • Downtown Corvallis Curbside Pick-Up Locations – Through a cooperative effort with the City’s Public Works Department, DCA, and the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce, we were able to create six pick-up zones throughout downtown Corvallis to allow businesses to provide curb-side pick-up for customers. Check out the locations here.
  • Business Assists – We have set up a generic email address where businesses can email us if they are looking for answers, guidance, general information, or simply want to reach a real person. That address is: economic.development@corvallisoregon.gov. We, and our partnershave committed to a 24hr response time.
  • EDO on Video! – We appeared in with the Benton County PIO to answer questions for businesses
  • Business Support by Corvallis Police Department (CPD) – Following up on inquiries from businesses about CPD presence and watching over closed businesses, we were able to create a coordinated response from our office and CPD to assure businesses, especially downtown, that CPD is on this and considers it to be a priority.
    • Business Security Screenings – We also shared out information about the service that businesses may find useful. With a couple days’ notice The Community Livability Unit (CLU) officers can come do a quick security screening for a business. This is a 20-minute visit where an officer will do a quick walk through with the business or building owner and provide some thoughts and tips on how to have a safe, secured building or business. If folks are interested in this service, they can email the CLU at Community.Livability@corvallisoregon.gov or call the non-emergency number at 541-766-6911 and ask for the CLU to schedule a visit.
Business Resources (layoffs, loans, grants, support, tips, etc.)

WARN’s, Layoffs, Closures

  • Any businesses with questions about making layoffs contact: Heather Desart, Executive Director, Northwest Oregon Works, heather@onwib.org, 541-921-7311
  • Oregon Employment Department – providing general guidance to employers, workers, and job seekers who may be impacted by the COVID-19 virus.
  • WARN: Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification – In general, employers are covered by the WARN Act if they have 100 or more employees. The WARN Act offers protection to workers, their families, and communities by requiring employers to provide notice by requiring that employers give a 60-day notice to the affected employees and both state and local representatives prior to a plant closing or mass layoff. A list of companies filing WARNS can be found here.
  • Layoff Aversion Reimbursement Funds – funding opportunity provided by Northwest Oregon Works. – funds dispersed, no longer available.
  • IRS Coronavirus Tax Relief – special section focused on steps to help taxpayers, businesses and others affected by the coronavirus.
  • Workshare Oregon – provides an alternative for employers and workers who may be facing the prospect of a layoff situation

Loan & Grant Opportunities

COVID-19 Business Support, Tips and Best Practices

Surveys from Across the State

Local, State & Federal Announcements & Resources


How to stay safe and support Benton County businesses

Our office, and local partners, like the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Corvallis Association,  Visit Corvallis, Philomath Chamber of Commerce, Business Association of Monroe, and Corvallis Business Network are closely monitoring all recommendations and updates from the Oregon Governor’s Office, and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. We are prioritizing appropriate steps to limit the spread of COVID-19.

We know that everyone is doing their part to stay safe. At the same time, we encourage you to remember our many businesses throughout the region and continue to support them even if you cannot visit them physically.

Many local businesses are taking the extra steps necessary to ensure their spaces are clean & safe for customers. Follow public health guidelines (as outlined in the links above) regarding social distancing and proper health etiquette when visiting businesses and public spaces.

If you are not able to visit stores and restaurants physically, there are many things you can still do to support local business, including, but not limited to:

  • Shop online or via phone. Many retailers have online shopping available.
  • Purchase custom or corporate gifts from retailers who can handle orders over the phone or online.
  • If you typically order wholesale products with local retailers later in the year, place your orders now, if you can.
  • If you do not need anything specific, but still want to support a business or restaurant, buy gift cards to spend later.
  • For restaurants, order takeout or delivery and tip the same amount as you would dining in.
  • Share, like, and leave reviews for your favorite local businesses on their Facebook, Yelp, or Google profiles.

First and foremost, take health and safety precautions for yourself and others in our community. The vibrancy of our community depends on all of us working together and supporting the many businesses that keep our region thriving. (credit: Portland Business Alliance)

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Our office and partners have compiled a list of resources for local business, as well as additional information for you how can support local businesses at this time.


*information below subject to change at any time. If any information needs to be updated, please email us immediatly economic.development@corvallisoregon.gov *

Supporting Local Business

*Previous versions were on 3 seperate spreadsheets – they have now been combined into one document with different tabs at the bottom
Complete Benton County Business Guide, including takeout options, alternative hours, online ordering and closures.
  • To be included, or update information on the Benton County Restaurant/Winery/Distillery/Brewery tab above, fill out this form.
  • To be included, or update information on the Benton County Retail tab above, fill out this form.
  • To be included, or update information on the Benton County General Business tab above, fill out this form.
Downtown Corvallis Curbside Pickup Locations >>
As you are already aware, the current situation is fluid for all businesses. We strongly advise you to call the business ahead of time to confirm the details listed are current.


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